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Little Green Book of Getting Your Way

Szerző: Jeffrey Gitomer

ISBN10: 0131576070
ISBN13: 9780131576070

Oldalszám: 202

Kiadó: FT Press - 2007
Ár: 4990 Ft    Akciós ár: 1990 Ft


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Everyone who reads this book will learn the power of persuasion, how to believe in themselves, how to understand the principles of getting your way, how to get ready to get your way, how to speak or present to get your way, how to write to get your way, how to turn a presentation into a performance, how to be the most persuasive salesperson in the universe, how to persist until you win, and how to add a measure of eloquence to the entire process. This book will teach you to harmonize, not manipulate. It will teach you the power of engagement. It will show you how to inject humor into the persuasive process. It will teach you to tell a story in a compelling and passionate manner. It will teach you the elements of style and voice in the words you write. And it will teach you how to be the winner you have always wanted to be.

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