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Szerző: Edward de Bono

ISBN13: 9780140258394

Oldalszám: 305

Kiadó: Penguin Books - 1998
Ár: 3900 Ft    Akciós ár: 990 Ft


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Edward de Bono concludes his thought-provoking study with ten key rules for simplicity and ground-breaking plans for an Institute of Simplicity an National Simplicity Campaign.

Have you ever given up trying to programme your video computer because the instructions are so complicated? Or wondered why it is so difficult to fill in a tax form? Modern life can be unnecessarily frustrating. Needless systems, processes, legislation and red tape only serve to increase our anxiety. Here Edward de Bono, the originator of lateral thinking, shows us how we can bring a little simplicity into our complex lives. The challenge of achieving simplicity requires a lot of creative techniques, including historical review, which asks whether something we traditionally take for granted is still necessary; shedding, where we eliminate what cannot be justified; bulk and exceptions, which deals separately with majority and extreme cases; and reframing, which can make us realize we are seeking solutions to a non-problem. 

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A mi fajunk az egyetlen alkotó lény, és csak egyetlen alkotó szerszáma van: az egyéni elme, az egyéni szellem.

John Steinbeck

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