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Exponential Marketing

Szerző: Paul Garrison

ISBN13: 9789639912144

Oldalszám: 246

Kiadó: Manager Könyvkiadó - 2009
Ár [bruttó]: 5500 Ft


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„Few people can as insightfully and effortlessly compare and contrast marketing concepts, practices, and learning from the Old World with lessons emerging from a fast-maturing New Europe. Paul Garrison challenges marketers to not only think about change, but indeed, to think exponentially about lasting change."
Chris R. Burggraeve, Chief Marketing Officer, Anheuser-Busch InBev

„A unique book for successful marketers, but not only for them - it is probably even more interesting for business leaders as it deals with the importance of achieving full organizational alignment and involvement toward customer value creation. The book hits hard at the sales potential of embedding marketing into the business for sustainable resutls in today's highly competitive environment."
Zoltan Major, VP Retail Banking, UniCredit Bank

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